With FREE Automatic Delivery, You’ll Never Run out of Heating Oil Again!

We know how busy things can get for you in the fall and winter, with school, work, sports, and the holidays all competing for a space on your mental calendar.

Sometimes it can get so busy, in fact, that you forget to take care of the “little things” – like checking to see if you have enough heating oil or propane.

The only problem is running out of heating fuel isn’t such a little thing. Not only will your heat not work, but you’ll also create safety issues (when your pilot lights go out, for example) – not to mention costs (to restart your system).

The bottom line: running out of heating oil or propane? Not good.

What is good is that there is an easy and FREE way to avoid fuel run-outs: sign up for Automatic Delivery.

Here’s how it works: Our software will estimate how much fuel you’ve used based on the weather and what you’ve used in the past, then schedule your heating oil or propane delivery when you’re down to about a quarter of a tank.

Choose Automatic Delivery and you’ll have no more fuel hassles or headaches – and you’ll never have to remember to check your tank or call for a delivery. How’s that for FREE peace of mind? You’ll NEVER have to pay for oil you don’t use, and you’ll never pay a penny for this service.

Don’t risk a run-out – sign up today for FREE Automatic Delivery from Carroll Home Services!

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