What to Do If Your Heating System Stops Working

It’s weeks like the one we just had that remind us how important it is to have a reliable heating system – and how important it is to know what to do if our furnace or boiler stops working.

You can handle most of the first part of that equation by sticking to the basics: get a tune-up every year (never skip!), swap out dirty filters regularly (check at least once a month!), and replace your heating equipment when it’s time to bite the bullet (start thinking about it before your system hits the 15-year mark!).

The second part of the equation is all about having a reliable team to turn to for heating repairs when you need them most – and if you’re a Carroll customer, you already have that (if you’re not, why not become one today?).

Here for you 24/7/365 – but troubleshoot before you call

If you lose your heat, don’t worry – our experts are here round the clock for emergency service. But before you contact us, it pays to invest a few minutes to troubleshoot your system – it could potentially save yourself the cost of an unnecessary house call.

If your heating system is not working, try these four things before calling for service:

  1. Make sure there is oil in your tank
  2. Make sure all emergency valves or switches are in their “on” or “start” positions.
  3. Check the fuse or circuit breaker that controls your heating system; look for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker and replace / reset as needed.
  4. Confirm that your thermostat is set at least five degrees above the current room temperature and that the “heat” setting is engaged. Please note: For warm air systems, if you adjust the thermostat and the fan doesn’t start, it could indicate that your burner is not igniting. Press the reset button on the burner only once; if it does not reset, contact us for service.

If you take these steps and your heat still doesn’t work, contact us right away and we’ll send a technician to get your system up and running as quickly as possible.

Let Carroll Home Services keep your family safe and warm this winter with expert service – including 24/7 emergency repairs. Contact us today to learn more about our services for your Maryland home!

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