What Is an Energy Star Qualified Installation?

Did you know that nearly half of the air conditioning and heating systems in American homes are incorrectly installed – with many producing a mere 60 percent efficiency per Btu?

To put it another way, while these homeowners are paying for a 5-ton central air conditioning unit, for example, they are only getting the performance of a 3-ton unit!

How can that be possible, you ask? Well, getting the best performance from a new home cooling system or heating system depends on more than just choosing high efficiency equipment – the quality of the installation can have a big impact on the system’s performance and reliability, not to mention your family’s comfort.

That’s why choosing an HVAC contractor that offers ENERGY STAR™ Qualified Installations (ESQIs) is such a smart move. With an ESQI from Carroll Home Services, for instance, you can expect:

  • Better Performance – Oversized or poorly matched heating and cooling equipment may cause your equipment to needlessly cycle on and off, resulting in less comfort and shortened equipment life.
  • Better equipment – An ESQI job uses only the best, most efficient ENERGY STAR-certified equipment.
  • Better Energy Savings – A properly designed and installed system allows the equipment to perform at peak efficiency, providing you all the on-paper energy savings you were promised.
  • Better Quality – A properly installed heating or cooling system can improve indoor air quality and comfort. Your equipment will also last longer, and you’ll be less likely to need costly repairs.
  • Better Comfort – A properly installed system will provide an indoor environment that’s a pleasure to live in, with even temperatures, controlled humidity, lower noise, and less dust, your family will appreciate the new comforts of home.

In short, an Energy Star Qualified Installation from Carroll is easiest way to ensure you’re getting the right equipment installed the right way to your Maryland home. You’ll also rest easy knowing that you’ve done the right thing for your family and the planet. What more could you want?

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