Summer: The Perfect Time to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank

Your indoor heating oil tank probably has a maximum lifespan of about 25 years or so – which means if your Maryland home was built in or before 1995, you’re probably due – or perhaps even overdue – for a replacement.

Don’t be fooled: even if your heating oil tank looks OK from the outside, it doesn’t mean it’s OK to continue to use it: most older heating tanks – especially single-wall models – corrode from the inside out due to trapped moisture and sediment.

That means you won’t see a heating oil tank failure coming until it’s too late – a big problem considering that remediation and replacement costs for heating oil tanks are not usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Be smart: if you know your tank is old and needs to be replaced, don’t wait – it’s not worth the risk, especially considering the affordable, double-walled heating oil tank options that Carroll offers today (heating oil tanks have come a LONG way in the last 20 years – today’s models are virtually leak-proof and available in a variety of shapes and sizes).

Summer is the perfect time to install a new heating oil tank – contact us today for a FREE estimate on a new heating oil tank for your Maryland home!

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