Summer Efficiency Checklist for Your Maryland Home

The hottest days of the year are coming, Maryland, so be prepared! Here’s a list of things you can do to keep your home cool and your bills as low as possible through the dog days of 2018.


  • Keep doors between conditioned and unconditioned spaces closed
  • Check seals around your doors to be sure they keep cool air from escaping


  • Clean all window tracks and sills so windows close properly
  • Caulk around the outdoor window frame to prevent heat from entering the house

Window treatments

Air conditioner/heat pump


  • Close vents in unused rooms and in the basement
  • Keep air flowing through your vents by cleaning them with a damp microfiber cloth
  • Move any items or furniture that might be obstructing air flow from your vents
  • Check your A/C filter once a month, replacing or cleaning it as necessary


  • If you have a whole house dehumidifier, have it serviced; if you don’t, consider having one installed to prevent conditions that can lead to a mold problem


Ceiling fans

  • Run ceiling fans in conjunction with your home cooling equipment to keep air circulating; by doing so you can raise your thermostat by three to four degrees with no loss in comfort, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars during the summer
  • Make sure the fan blades are rotating to draw cool air up into the room rather than pushing it down (see manufacturer’s instructions for how to reverse the direction of your fan blades)



  • Test all smoke alarms, carbon monoxide sensors and radon detectors; replace batteries if needed


  • Close your fireplace damper to prevent heat from entering through the chimney; also consider scheduling a chimney cleaning and inspection.

Heating system


  • Consider adding insulation to stabilize your home climate and help your A/C
  • Use an attic fan to circulate and vent rising hot air from the house

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