Summer: A Great Time to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank

Heating oil might be the last thing on your mind as we work our way through the hottest time of the year, but that’s the very reason why it’s the best time to replace your older steel tank (or to service your heating system, for that matter).

For our tank installers, summer is slow season – which means you’ll probably get the appointment time you want. They’ll do it fast, clean, and in accordance with all city, state, and federal codes.

Remember: if you’re putting off replacing your heating oil tank because you have no visible leaks, don’t be fooled: older tanks typically begin to deteriorate from the inside out – which means a failure can come without warning, releasing oil that you’ll have to pay (a lot!) to clean up, usually without help from your homeowner’s insurance.

A rule of thumb: older oil tanks typically remain reliable for about 20 years. Anything older than that and you’re playing with fire (not a good thing when it comes to heating oil).

If you’re not sure if it’s time to replace your tank, we have another great option for you: our TankSure Program. A TankSure inspection uses ultrasound to detect internal corrosion so you’ll know what’s happening inside your tank. Best of all, if the inspection determines that you need to replace your tank, you’ll receive credit (typically between $1,000 and $1,500) toward a replacement. For aboveground and disqualified tanks, we will give you a $200 replacement credit to upgrade your oil tank.

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