Storm Season’s Here – Be Prepared with a Whole House Generator

June 1 officially marked the beginning of 2016’s storm season – and experts are predicting an active one in the Atlantic. As we’ve learned in recent years, that weather usually brings power outages.

Fortunately there’s a way to protect your family and home even if the power goes down: invest in a whole house generator.

Why have a whole house generator?

A whole house generator looks like a central A/C unit with a top on it. Powered by propane or natural gas, the generator is integrated with your home’s HVAC and electrical systems to start automatically within about 30 seconds after an outage.

Apart from the obvious benefit of having power when your neighborhood doesn’t, there are other significant benefits to having a whole house generator, including:

  1. Life-saving medical system support – A whole house generator can literally be a lifesaver, keeping emergency medical equipment online and working.
  2. Flood protection – A generator will keep your sump pump working even if power is down.
  3. Home Security – With a whole house generator, home security systems will stay on to protect your valuables.
  4. Communications – Battery operated radios, laptops, tablets and cel phones need to be recharged. A generator will help keep you connected.
  5. Food protection – Generators can keep hundreds of dollars of food from spoiling – and keep your stove and oven running, too.
  6. Comfort – When storm season arrives, so do hot, sticky nights. A whole house generator will keep your A/C and Indoor air quality equipment running.
  7. Cold weather protection – Severe weather that strikes in the colder months can be especially dangerous – and expensive. Besides having no heat, frozen water pipes can be very costly to repair. Avoid it all with a whole house generator.

In our next post, we’ll talk about some of the considerations when choosing a whole house generator – stay tuned!

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