Solving the Heating Bill Seesaw – in June

Think about how many times the weather has swung 30 degrees or more from one day to the next over the last six months…it’s winter one day, spring the next, and summer by Sunday.

If you remember, the same happened to us last winter here in Maryland, when temperatures dropped into the single digits and stayed there in early January, then went up briefly only to plummet again later in the month. For our pay-as-you-go customers, that meant some unwelcomed heating bill surprises arriving in their mail boxes in February and March.

But not our  SmartComfort customers.

Our SmartComfort customers knew exactly what they were going to pay for their heating oil or propane deliveries every month from the moment they signed their contract. That’s because SmartComfort splits your annual heating bill into 12 equal payments (with one adjustment bill if needed) so you’ll avoid paying 80 percent of it in a four or five month period.

The result? No more winter heating bill surprises – no matter how much fuel you use (if you want even more convenience, add our Automatic Payments option and never think about your heating payments again).

We know the last thing you’re probably thinking about with Memorial Day behind us and summer just a few weeks away is high home heating bills. But that’s exactly why it’s a great idea to get the headache out of the way now – just in time to take your well-earned summer vacation.

Imagine how much easier it would be to plan and budget through the winter months if you know what your energy bill will be, down to the dollar. Best of all, there are no fees or surcharges for this service – think of it as free peace of mind.

Plan ahead – sign up for Carroll’s SmartComfort Plan today and get more predictable heating bills in the 2018-2019 heating season!

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