Seven Tips for Healthier Home Plumbing

Spring is here – and with it comes all those home projects you’ve been putting off. When you’re ready to jump into your maintenance chores, don’t overlook your plumbing.

A quick plumbing once-over can help you identify and fix issues that could turn into problems down the road. Here are seven tips for your home plumbing check-up.

  1. Look for toilet leaks — You rarely think about replacing a toilet, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here’s a trick to see if you have a leak: put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank; if you have a leak, you’ll see the color in the bowl within an hour.
  2. Look for leaky faucets — Turn all house faucets on and off and look for drips there, too. If your faucet is running slow, try cleaning your aerator.
  3. Add drain strainers — A drain strainer costs less than $10 at your local hardware store and could prevent a costly repair down the road by blocking hair, soap and other debris from entering your pipes.
  4. Check the flush handles on your toilets — A flush handle shouldn’t jiggle, and you shouldn’t have to hold it all the way down to get a flush. If either happens, the handle should be replaced.
  5. Check little-used drains — Drains that aren’t used often can trap odors and gas in the house. Pour a gallon of water into any drain you don’t use on a regular basis and see what happens; if it’s slow to drain, it should probably be snaked.
  6. Look for obvious water damage — Check under sinks for stains, bubbling, or any other evidence of water damage, which could lead to mold formation and other problems.
  7. Check your outdoor plumbing — If you haven’t turned your outdoor water supply back on yet, do it…then check all your fixtures, hoses, faucets and bibs.

Don’t wait for a big plumbing problem – stay on top of leaks and other plumbing maintenance! If you need a plumbing pro for your Maryland home, just let us know and we’ll be there.

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