Save a Stamp and Take the Hassle out of Bill Paying with Automatic Payment from Carroll

It’s the first of the month and you know the heating bill is due, which you promise you’ll get to tomorrow. Three weeks, 14 basketball practices, and two fundraisers later, the bill is still sitting on your counter – only now it’s under a pile of other bills and a sprinkling of late notices.

We know. We’ve been there – and it’s why we created our Automatic Payments option.

Here’s how Automatic Payments work:

  • We will use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to collect our payment each month. We simply send a copy of your bill directly to your bank, which issues us a payment.
  • The EFT transaction is free – unlike paying by credit card, you don’t have to worry about high finance charges or late penalty fees.
  • You will still get a statement with descriptive billing, but you’ll never need to send a check, and you’ll know exactly when the bill is paid each month.

That’s it…unless you want even more of an autopilot experience with your heating bills, that is. In that case, try combining Automatic Payments with other convenient Carroll options like our SmartComfort budget plan and Automatic Delivery. Talk about painless!

Sign up for Automatic Payments today and experience the joy of pain-free bill management (and no more late fees). Contact us today to make the switch!

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