Reliable Propane and Heating Oil Deliveries

Our drivers take great pride in delivering your heating oil or propane on time, every time, in any weather.

But we can’t do it without an assist from you!

Here are some easy ways you can help us keep our promise for reliable, on time deliveries to you – and keep our crews safe – during the upcoming fuel delivery season:

  • Please try to keep your outdoor propane or heating oil tank free of debris, and your fill pipe clear.
  • After a storm, please clear your driveway of debris and snow or ice; try to keep at least a 12-inch path to your tank.
  • On a delivery day, please keep gates unlocked, and keep dogs leashed and under control.
  • Please try to call for fuel when your tank gauge reaches ¼ tank, so you can avoid an emergency fill-up; fewer emergency calls means we can keep our schedule for everyone, including you.

Thank you for helping us to keep our promise of safe, on-time delivery!

For reliable, on-time propane and heating oil delivery anywhere in our Maryland service area, nobody beats Carroll Home Services. Contact us today to schedule a delivery – or to join our family of customers!

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