R410A Coolant Shortage–and What Carroll Home Services is Doing to Protect You

R410A coolant is one of the most widely used–and environmentally-friendly–refrigerants used in residential central and ductless/mini-split AC systems—including the cooling units that Carroll Home Services installs for you.

Recently, one of the world’s largest producers of a vital chemical used in the production of R410A suffered severe damage because of an accident at its overseas manufacturing facility. This incident has severely limited most of the worldwide production of R410A.

As you would expect, the resulting shortage has impacted prices of R410A refrigerant. Some prices have quadrupled for certain components and this increase has affected the pricing for customers who need to purchase refrigerant for their home AC systems this year.
However, to ensure that we can continue to service your air conditioning equipment with no interruption during the summer months, we have stocked up additional amounts of R410A refrigerant. We are confident that we have an adequate supply to meet the needs of any customer who needs to replenish their supply of refrigerant.

If your AC system is not keeping your home cool enough, it’s possible that it may be low on refrigerant because of a leak. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to schedule an air conditioning service call to take advantage of current prices and market conditions.

If you have other concerns about whether you require new refrigerant for your AC system, our technicians are always available to help.

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