Propane Fireplaces: A Practical Luxury

If you’ve always wanted a fireplace for your Maryland home but never thought it was a practical investment of your time or money, you might want to rethink that notion.

In the past, installing a fireplace typically meant spending a small fortune in masonry construction and ongoing chimney maintenance (not to mention all those splinters!). But now there are some great propane fireplace alternatives that give you all of the benefits of burning wood – plus a couple of added ones that no wood-burning hearth can match.

Three key benefits of a propane fireplace

With a freestanding propane fireplace, propane fireplace insert (a closed box that fits in your existing mantle), or propane powered log set, you will:

  • Instantly transform your favorite room – A propane fireplace at the center of your living room will bring your family all the relaxation and visual appeal of a wood fireplace without the wood piles, ashes, and sparks – and can give you a realistic, roaring fire at the push of a remote button.
  • Save money by turning down your furnace – A propane fireplace isn’t just beautiful – it’s also a powerful, high efficiency propane space heater. With your fireplace throwing that kind of heat, you can take your thermostat down a few degrees and save money on your home energy bills.
  • Controllable supplemental or backup heating – Today’s propane fireplaces are equipped with thermostats to give you precision temperature control – and since they’re not powered by electricity, they can even deliver heat during a power outage, when it really matters!

Fireplaces – another great use for clean, green propane gas. Best of all, your hearth can be powered from the same tank as all your other propane-powered appliances. What could be more convenient?

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