CHS offers Priority and Ultra Plans for your water heater.

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Keep the hot water flowing with a Water Heater Plan from CHS. You can prevent costly repairs by maintaining your hot water heater properly.

Choose from two pricing levels – Priority or Ultra. Both levels are available for gas-fired or oil-fired water heaters. Take the hassle and worry out of keeping your water heater working at its best.

See below for more details on what each plan covers. And don’t forget: You can also get CHS Service Plan coverage for your Gas-fired Water Heater – or coverage for other home comfort equipment via our other Home Service Plans!

Priority Plan

Priority Plans offer a 15 percent discount on all repairs

Ultra Plan

Ultra Plans cover labor and most components of your gas- and oil-fired water heater at no additional charge.

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Parts covered by our Ultra plan

Gas-Fired Water Heater

Ultra Plan covered parts include:

  • Aquastat
  • Draft regulator
  • Burner parts
  • Emergency switch
  • Controls
  • Flue pipe

Oil-Fired Water Heater

Ultra Plan covered parts include:

  • Burner motor
  • Nozzle
  • Elbow pipe (1) or flue pipe (1-2 ft.)
  • Primary control
  • Fuel filter
  • Relief valve
  • Fuel pump
  • Temperature control
  • Ignition transformer
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