Privacy Policy

Carroll Home Services Privacy Policy

Carroll Home Services (CHS) respects consumer privacy and does not rent or sell customer information to third parties. We also give consumers the ability to opt-out from our marketing contacts such as direct mail.

Unregistered Web Visitor Privacy

CHS does not automatically scan for or collect personal information from unregistered website visitors. However, we do collect and analyze such anonymous data as visitor IP addresses, referral information and browser and platform usage (Mac or PC). We use this data to gain insights about our users so we can better serve them in the future.

Registered Web User and Customer Privacy Policy
A registered user to our website is someone who has chosen to complete a online registration form and establish an ongoing, personalized experience with CHS either electronically or via phone and postal mail. Most registered users are home heating fuel or service customers.

The personal information we collect may include your name, billing and shipping address, email address, mobile and home phone numbers and credit or debit card information, including its expiration date and security code. This information will be used only for your CHS transactions. You are not required to provide this information to view our website; however, you will not be able to register without providing this information.

We use the personal information that you voluntarily provide for research, advertising and marketing purposes, including postal and electronic mail solicitations for products and services offered by CHS and by other companies in which we think you may be interested.

CHS is committed to privacy safeguards for all users of our site and services, including information gathered about our customers through non-web methods. We record our calls with prospective and actual customers, and confirm in advance that we have your permission to do so.

CHS also collects other information about our customers as part of our routine business operations, including, but not limited to:

  • Ordinary business transactions, such as fuel deliveries, service history and payments
  • Credit information from third-party bureaus
  • Billing, service and delivery addresses and contact information
  • Characteristics of heating and system used
  • Other information incident to the provision of fuel and services

This information may be collected via the website, in print applications and forms, or in person. Any registered user may access their personally identifiable information collected by CHS at any time.

Opt-out Policy
You can instruct CHS at any time to not use your personally identifiable information for marketing and educational purposes by contacting us. When you call, please provide your registration information and account number. CHS will continue to provide meaningful information to you for your benefit: for example, our marketing materials may include tips for heating and cooling or suggestions on how best to manage your account.

Information We Disclose to Others

Other than CHS service suppliers (marketing, web development, advertising and other vendors, along with our financial and legal advisors), the company discloses personally identifiable information to third parties only with your permission, or when we are compelled by law to cooperate with governmental authorities. Such incidences include responses to subpoenas,investigations regarding stolen credit or bankcards, identity theft, fraud or other criminal acts.

CHS acts in accordance with the procedures prescribed by relevant laws, or in connection with a sale or merger of our company, or all or substantially all of its assets (including a sale while in bankruptcy). We may disclose aggregated information collected from visitors and users to the website; we do not share customer information with third parties.

Cookies and Standard Web Practices

A “cookie” is a text file that is stored on your computer when you access a website. Cookies can perform useful functions, such as storing authentication or registration information.

The CHS website uses cookies to enable some of its website features; while cookies are not required to view all pages, you must enable them to use these features. While web browsers allow you to block cookies, understand that some functions on our website will not work properly without them.

CHS uses cookies to track information for the following purposes:

  • Web Usage Tracking – we use software tracking to produce website traffic reports that help us understand and improve the website experience for visitors and customers; these reports compile individual user visits anonymously.
  • Secure Transmissions to Our Servers – We utilize a widely used encryption technology called SSL to encode sensitive information when you transmit it to us through our website. This is the same technology used by most banks. Once your personally identifiable information is saved on our servers, we use a combination of operational, procedural and physical safeguards to secure it from unauthorized use or compromise. To further reduce risk to you, not all data on our customer accounts is available.
  • Email Security – CHS does not transfer sensitive information about customer accounts via email because it is not a secure transmission method. Never use email to exchange private information with us, especially account numbers and permanent passwords.

Information Accuracy
Part of our responsibility in keeping records of your personally identifiable information is to provide you with a means of correcting inaccuracies when they arise. We provide the means to update and verify your personal information through our website and by calling our customer service center.

Security Standards
CHS is committed to safeguarding the integrity, security and privacy of the personal information you provide to us. We store your credit card and bank account information with industry-standard encryption algorithms, and all registered CHS customers have unique log-in credentials with password of their own choosing.

You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your password – please keep your password safe and do not share it with anyone. You are responsible for purchases made using your log-in; any activity you undertake while signed in is your responsibility. If you think someone has obtained your log-in or password illegally, please contact our customer service center immediately.

If CHS suspects a security breach or suspicious activity involving your account, we will post a notice on our website and attempt to contact you via email, postal mail or phone.

CHS collects only information the company reasonably needs to provide you with our products and services. This information is accessible only to our employees as they attempt to support your purchase of our products and services.

Privacy At Other Sites
CHS sometimes provides links to other websites that we believe you may find useful. If you visit these sites, know that you are subject to their own privacy policies; CHS assumes no responsibility for such visits.

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