Preventing Mold in Your Home

Carroll’s Spring Focus on Indoor Air Quality series – Part 4 of 4

Last week, we talked about the dangers of mold in your home, and ways to detect it before it causes health problems for your family. This week, we’ll take a look at some simple ways you can prevent mold from forming and growing in the first place.

Moisture control is the key

Because mold thrives in warm, damp environments, moisture control is the key to preventing mold.

To stay a step ahead of mold, a good place to start is to give your home a thorough checkup to identify areas that might support mold growth. Here are some tips for identifying problem areas in your home:

  1. Window frames – Make sure windows seal tightly, and that no water seeps in. Also look for condensation that forms on your window frame, particularly if your radiators sit below the window.
  2. Bathrooms – Check under and around sinks, toilets, and tubs for leaks. Make sure you have adequate ventilation (an open window or exhaust fan) especially when you’re showering. Wipe down your shower, tub, curtains, etc. after use.
  3. Hot water heaters – Service your water heater regularly to stay on top of leaks.
  4. Roofs – Look for signs of a leaky roof on your ceiling. If you’re not sure how to inspect your roof, hire a professional.
  5. Basement and attic – Follow your nose! If the basement or attic smells damp or musty, consider using a humidifier.

Other mold-prevention suggestions:

  • Wipe up water spills as soon as possible.
  • Use a fan to quickly dry damp carpet.
  • Keep windows tightly closed when it rains.
  • Watch for signs of mold and address them quickly.
  • Try to keep humidity levels at or below 55 percent throughout your home. (Installing a whole-house humidifier or whole-house dehumidifier is a great way to do this, if budget allows.)
  • Choose mold-resistant materials for construction and remodeling projects, such as mold resistant (paperless, fiberglass covered) drywall or gypsum board.

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