Plumbing Installations: Think PRO, Not DIY

When it comes time to replace a sink or toilet, you may be wooed by your local hardware store to try to tackle the job yourself.

The problem is, there’s a good chance you’ll also be back at the hardware store six months later to figure out how to fix a leaky pipe – or deal with a mold problem in your bathroom.

The truth is, installing plumbing fixtures is complicated in the real world of old pipes, imperfect walls, and…well, flowing water. That’s why when it comes to adding or replacing plumbing fixtures in your Maryland home, it pays to go pro.

When you call Carroll for any plumbing installation service, our licensed master plumbing contractors will:

  • Help you choose a fixture
  • Install it in compliance with local building codes
  • Recycle your old equipment
  • Install your new equipment
  • Connect any appliances that work with your new fixture (trash compactors, water purifiers, refrigerators, etc.)

As with all the work we do here at Carroll, we’ll make sure your installation is done right the first time – and we’ll stand by that installation with a great warrantee to cover any future issues that might arise.

For expert plumbing installation or emergency plumbing repairs in your Maryland home, trust the pros at Carroll Home Services. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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