Keep Safety on the Menu when Grilling Outdoors

With plenty of summer weather still ahead of us, we know many of you will be enjoying backyard barbecues. With that in mind, our team would like to offer you some tips for safe outdoor cooking on your propane grill.

  • Use your grill only in well-ventilated areas—never inside a garage or on a covered patio. Your grill should also be placed away from any low-hanging tree branches.
  • Make sure the grill is clean, in order to prevent flare-ups. Also, check hoses for kinks or any deterioration.
  • Keep the cover open until you are sure the grill is lit—even if you have an electronic ignition.
  • When you’re finished, make sure to turn off the burner control and close the cylinder valve.
  • Propane cylinders should always be kept in an upright (vertical) position when stored or transported.
  • Always store propane cylinders outdoors—not in a garage or a shed.
  • When storing your cylinders outdoors, choose a flat, low-traffic location with a solid, nonflammable surface (like concrete). Avoid storing tanks on surfaces that gather moisture (such as grass or dirt) to prevent tank rust.

You can read more propane safety tips, for both inside and outside your home, here.

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