It’s That Time Again…

You wouldn’t put off the oil change on your new car, would you? Then why are you putting off your annual A/C maintenance?

Your central air conditioner or heat pump is one of your biggest home comfort investments – and it’s one well worth protecting (just ask anyone whose A/C has broken down in a heat wave).

Like any precision machine, your A/C needs a little TLC from time to time to keep it running at its best. Here are four of the most important benefits to staying on top of your routine annual A/C maintenance:

  1. You’ll catch problems before they become emergencies – More than 80 percent of the most expensive repairs to your home cooling system are avoidable with routine care.
  2. You’ll lower your energy bills – A well-maintained A/C system delivers more cool for less cash. Replacing clogged air filters alone (included in our service plans) can save you 5-10 percent on monthly bills.
  3. You’ll keep your warranty in tact – Warrantees from most manufacturers require routine maintenance. The penalty for not getting it? Out-of-pocket repairs – even on covered equipment!
  4. You’ll sleep better – Routine maintenance for your air conditioning will not only keep your A/C running better, it will keep it running reliably even during the hottest months.

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