Heating Oil in Baltimore, MD

heating oil baltimoreThousands of homes in Baltimore, Maryland use heating oil as their source for heating energy. Almost every oil heating system is based on one simple principle; the heat from the burner flame produces hot water. In turn, hot air or steam is then circulated throughout your home to create heat. Without question, your oil burner is a very important part of your heating system.

As a homeowner, it is important to familiarize yourself with heating oil storage systems and their many benefits:

1. Heating oil supplies are high. With millions of barrels in reserve in the US, heating oil is not going away and is an affordable solution that’s here to stay.

2. Heating oil is not ‘more expensive’ than natural gas. According to AmericanEnergyCoalition.com, statistics show that heating oil was less expensive than natural gas for most of the past 22 years! Natural gas is a non-renewable fossil fuel and growing consumption of natural gas around the world could lead to higher prices.

3. Heating oil is a clean fuel. In today’s world, oil produces almost zero emissions. Improved technologies are also bringing about lower sulfur oil blends that, when mixed with biofuels, create a much cleaner heating oil solution.

Additionally, if a heating oil system is maintained properly, it burns clean and efficient. Regular maintenance of your system is key for longer life expectancy.

4. Heating oil is as efficient as it gets. When comparing heating oil vs natural gas, state of the art modern oil boilers and furnaces are your best value. They are robust, dependable, durable, and fairly easy to maintain or repair.

Heating oil devices have many interchangeable parts, and best of all – they’re super efficient, with efficiency ratings reaching as high as 95%. Also, with heating oil equipment, you can monitor your supply and control it with far less chances for service disruption.

Heating Oil in Baltimore MD Is Affordable

Carroll Home Services has been working hard to make Baltimore families like yours safer and more comfortable at home, with fuel delivery (oil & propane) as well as heating and cooling system services.

We believe that heating oil is an affordable solution because of its average life expectancy. The average oil heat appliance can last 30 or more years if it is properly maintained.

What’s more, heating oil technologies are becoming more innovative than ever. The most up-to-date technologies are improving the way heating oil systems work. Such systems constantly evolve for cleaner, more efficient, environmentally-friendly options.

According to information from energyanswerstoday, such improvements cut consumption for the average home (using heating oil) by 33.6% over the past 30 years.

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Our experienced team will find the very best solution for your heating oil needs. We install all types of systems ranging from furnaces, boilers, high performance heat pumps, and more.

Our highly qualified team of heating and air conditioning specialists are trained and aware of the most up-to-date technology in the industry. We’ll get your home or business generating reliable indoor air quality in a quick, quiet, affordable and clean manner.

The Carroll Guarantee

Carroll Home Services wants to be your go-to provider for anything that keeps you warm, cool, or thrilled about our service, and we’re determined to earn your trust. Our Heating Oil Plans give you loyalty credits, to be used towards future equipment purchases.

For each consecutive year you are enrolled in our Priority or Ultra Service Plan, you may earn $50 in Loyalty Credits. You may accumulate up to $700 in credits and apply them to equipment purchased from us.

And, we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Choose Carroll Home Services for all your heating oil and HVAC needs.

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