Good Riddance, Winter!

This winter was extraordinary—particularly February, which was 36% colder than the previous 30-year average.

Those kinds of temperatures, coupled with snowfall and ice, created challenges for everyone’s personal comfort. Throughout these difficult times, our service team worked tirelessly to take care of our customers.

We all love what we do for a living, and taking care of our customers is a big part of that. We’re particularly proud of the hours, effort, care and goodwill that our people put into their jobs—this past winter and throughout the year. This is a big part of why you always feel the difference with us.

As we now look forward to all the warmer days ahead, we hope you will talk with us about any of the ways we can help you keep more comfortable and save money. This can include upgrading to high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment and protecting yourself against repair bills with one of our service plans.

If you ever need our help with anything, big or small, all you have to do is call!

For everything you need in home heating, trust the pros at Carroll Home Services – keeping Maryland homes warm for more than a century! Contact us to get started today!