Get More Predictable Bills – and Less Stress – with Carroll’s SmartComfort Plan

In a world where you never know what you’re going to read in the paper each morning, I think most of us would welcome a little more certainty in our lives.

While we can’t predict tomorrow’s headlines, we can help you have a pretty good idea what your heating bill is going to look like in the months ahead if you sign up for Carroll’s SmartComfort Plan.

SmartComfort splits your annual heating bill into 12 equal payments (with one adjustment bill if needed) so you’ll avoid paying 80 percent of it in a four or five month period.

The result? You’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay every month – with no winter heating bill surprises – no matter how much propane or heating oil you use (if you want even more convenience, add our Automatic Payments option and never think about your heating payments again!).

Imagine how much easier it would be to plan and budget if you know what your energy bill will be, down to the dollar! Best of all, there are no fees or surcharges for this service – think of it as free peace of mind.

Plan ahead! Sign up for Carroll’s SmartComfort Plan today and get more predictable heating bills in the 2017-2018 heating season!

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