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Call on CHS for quality installation of whole-house generators

A whole-house generator can provide the ultimate peace of mind for your family when the power goes out – but only if you know it will be ready to go when you need it most.

That’s why generator installation is so critical – and why CHS is the right company to do the job in your home.

Because a whole-house generator integrates with your home’s electrical and HVAC systems and contains its own fuel source, proper installation requires expertise not only in electrical and HVAC service, but in regulations and building codes.

Our team of licensed technicians has performed thousands of generator installations in Baltimore-area homes over the years, so they know exactly what your system needs – and what building codes require.

Our service team will work quickly with minimal hassle to your family, and they’ll do the job right the first time (usually in a day) with no repeat visits. And if your existing generator needs some TLC, CHS can maintain or repair your equipment to keep it operating at its best.

Make sure your generator is installed the right way so it’s ready when you need it most – contact CHS today to learn more, or to get an estimate on a new generator for your home.

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