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Invest in your peace of mind with a whole-house generator

Imagine that moment when the lights go out in your neighborhood during a storm. Now imagine just moments later, when your power automatically turns back on as the rest of the neighborhood remains in darkness.

This is the peace of mind that comes with owning a whole-house generator.

A whole-house generator is a unit connected to your home’s HVAC and electrical systems that has its own fuel source, usually propane or natural gas (basically, a generator looks like a central air unit with a cap on it).

Designed to start 10-30 seconds after an outage, your generator will shut itself down automatically when power is restored, whether or not you’re home.

CHS offers top-quality generators. Professionally installed by CHS, a backup generator can:

  • Preserve refrigerated food
  • Prevent frozen pipes due to lack of heat
  • Preserve cooling system function in the summer
  • Keep hot water coming for showers and laundry
  • Keep alarm systems intact
  • And more

Our knowledgeable sales team will help you find the right-sized unit to meet the needs of your home and family, and can help you with the service or repair of virtually any whole-house generator system.

Avoid the rush to stores in bad weather – contact CHS today to learn how affordable a whole-house generator can be. Call us now!

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