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Five Benefits of Oil Heat

More people in Maryland trust oil heat for their homes than any other energy source. Why? Here are five reasons that make oil heat a great choice for your home, particularly when compared to electric-based heating systems:

  1. It’s safe: Home heating oil can be ignited only by an advanced burning system in your oil burner or furnace.
  2. It’s clean and dependable: Today’s oil heat is 95 percent cleaner than in 1970, and new oil heating systems produce no soot, dirt or odor.In fact, one BTU of heat produced by a new and properly serviced oil heating system releases fewer pollutants – and less carbon monoxide – than one BTU produced by gas. Heating oil burns so cleanly that it is not subject to clean air requirements.
  3. It’s energy efficient: New oil heat boilers and furnaces range from 83 to 95 percent efficient. That’s why upgrading your heating oil equipment to a more energy-efficient system can lower your energy costs by up to 30 percent compared to electrical heating systems.
  4. It keeps you more comfortable: Oil-heated homes are comfortable even during the coldest days of winter because heating oil quickly burns at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit – far higher than those with electric heat pumps.
  5. It’s cost efficient: Oil consumers receive up to 30 percent more for their heating dollar than natural gas or electricity customers.

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