Four Ways to Make Next Heating Season Easier

If you are a “will call” customer for your heating oil or propane, you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon of heating bill sticker shock – that feeling that hits you when a unwelcomed (and unplanned for) sur

prise arrives in your mailbox sometime in the middle of winter (or summer, if you have a propane pool heater or need to use your propane whole house generator for an extended period).

The truth in these crazy weather days is that energy bill paying can be a rollercoaster ride as temperatures swing wildly from one day or week and the next. But it doesn’t have to be, thanks to the SmartComfort budget plan from Carroll Home Services.

With SmartComfort, you will make the same basic heating payment month after month regardless of how much fuel you use; that’s because SmartComfort spreads your estimated annual heating oil or propane costs out over 12 equal payments. Enroll in SmartComfort today and you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay for your fuel when that bill arrives – no more surprises!

Three other Carroll services that make bill paying easier

Making bills more predictable can really help, but it won’t take all the stress out of bill paying: equipment breakdowns, late fees, and fuel run-outs aren’t fun either.

Fortunately, we have solutions for those problems, too, including:

  • Automatic delivery – With FREE automatic delivery from Carroll Home Services, you’ll never have worry about remembering to fill up your tank or running out of fuel. Just let us now and we’ll manage your heating oil and propane deliveries for you.
  • Automatic Payments – Add even more convenience and avoid late payments by signing up Automatic Payments from Carroll Home Services. We will use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to collect our payment each month, then send you a receipt for your records. Best of all, EFT transactions are FREE, avoiding the finance charges you could incur by charging your bill to your credit card.
  • Service Plans – Preventative maintenance will save you money on energy bills and prevent many long-term repair hassles. With Carroll Service Plans – available for your natural gas-, heating oil-, and propane-fired heating system and your home cooling system – you can rest easy knowing that your equipment will run at its reliable best under stress.

Enrollment for the Carroll SmartComfort Plan is underway – contact us to sign up today and enjoy peace of mind for months to come!

For everything you need in home heating, trust the pros at Carroll Home Services – keeping Maryland homes warm for more than a century! Contact us to get started today!