Five Questions to Ask a Commercial Plumber Before You Hire Them

The difference between a residential and commercial plumbing job can be substantial: for one thing, a commercial plumbing set up can be significantly more complex than one used in your home. For another, there’s a lot riding on a commercial plumbing repair or commercial plumbing installation, since a plumbing or drain problem can literally bring your business to a standstill.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a commercial plumbing contractor in MD who has extensive experience in the kind of business you operate.

The question is, how do you do it?

Here are five questions to ask when looking for a commercial plumber for your Maryland-based business:

  1. Are you licensed, insured, and experienced in my type of business? A licensed master plumber will be up-to-date with all current plumbing and building codes; don’t settle for less. Liability insurance for your plumber is also a must: it will protect both parties in the unlikely event of a costly problem with your plumbing installation or maintenance work. As for experience, consider the difference plumbing in a restaurant versus an office building – the commercial plumber you hire should have experience in the type of environment in which your business operates.
  2. Are your estimates free? Some plumbers will charge an inspection fee (sometimes called a “trip charge”) before giving you and estimate for the whole job. Make sure you understand what you re paying for – and what you’re not.
  3. Do you charge by the hour or collect a flat fee? Make sure your commercial plumber is clear and transparent about their plumbing estimate. Will he charge you a flat fee, or will he charge by the hour? Which parts are included, and which are not? Remember: get everything in writing!
  4. How long have you been in business? Can you provide customer testimonials/referrals? An established plumbing contractor will likely employ experienced master plumbers with proven track records. They are also more likely to provide 24-hour emergency service for your business.
  5. What is your warranty policy? Find out what is covered by your plumbing contractor’s warranty, and for how long. Know this information before you commit to a contract for commercial plumbing work in Maryland!

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