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Wondering if a heat pump is right for your Maryland home?

A heat pump can be a versatile, affordable and effective way to control the temperature of your Maryland home.

Heat pumps cool your house by pumping hot indoor out of the house when temperatures rise. In cooler seasons, when your home is colder inside than the temperature is outside, the heat pump reverses the process, allowing warmer outdoor air to be pumped in.

The result is a climate-stabilized home for a lower price than some alternatives, since heat pumps typically provide up to four times the amount of energy than they consume.

There are even tax credits for heat pumps that can save you up to 30 percent on your heat pump installation – contact us for details!

Carroll sells and expertly installs both standard heat pumps from Trane and geothermal models from ClimateMaster, the world leader in geothermal technology. With geothermal heat pumps, sensors absorb heat from the ground when it’s needed, since temperatures just 10 feet below the surface stay a near-constant 50-60 degrees year round.

Whichever heat pump you choose, Carroll will install it quickly and work neatly, with no repeat visits – and always with the professional courtesy your family deserves.

If you already have a heat pump, we can help you keep it running well for years with an economical Home Comfort service plan – an option we highly recommend.

Whether you need a new heat pump or want to have your current unit serviced or repaired, contact us today to get a FREE estimate.

Want to know if a heat pump is right for your home? We can help! Contact us today to learn more.

For everything you need in home heating, trust the pros at Carroll Home Services – keeping Maryland homes warm for more than a century! Contact us to get started today!