Choosing a New Cooling System

To choose the right cooling system for you, we need to know how big your home is and how many people live there. It’s not that we’re being nosy; this is important information for us to know! We also need to factor in other variables, such as the type of insulation you have.

With this information, we determine a load calculation, which tells us how much heat your home gains during warm weather.

The right system will deliver the right amount of cool air at the right time to balance out heat gain—and will do it in the most efficient way. You’ll be able to feel comfortable without paying a fortune!

quality installation makes a big difference! By choosing to work with us, you will benefit from our skill and experience at installing new systems the right way, which includes correcting any existing problems. You’ll save a lot of money and your new system will keep you comfortable for a long time.

Some contractors make “rule of thumb” guesses about your system, and that can cost you. If they guess wrong and install the wrong equipment, your system may fail prematurely. And you won’t get the higher efficiency you were promised—or paid for. With the help of our home comfort experts, we give you what you pay for—and much more!

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