Gas detector

Why You Should Install a Propane Gas Detector

Posted: April 15, 2019

If you use propane gas to power appliances in your Maryland home, you know that a propane leak has a distinct rotten egg odor that’s easy to detect.

Air conditioning

Freon, R410A, and the Future of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

Posted: April 8, 2019

It’s just about impossible to imagine surviving a Maryland summer without air conditioning.

A/C relaxing

Four Considerations When Making an Air Conditioning Upgrade

Posted: April 1, 2019

If you’re considering a high-efficiency A/C upgrade for your Maryland home, there are many factors to consider before you make the investment.

Father and daughter happy

Beat the Crowds: Schedule Your Cooling System Maintenance Today

Posted: March 25, 2019

March 2019 may have come in like a lion here in Maryland, but Spring still arrived right on time (according to the calendar, anyway).

Spring allergies

Fight Spring Allergies with Whole House Indoor Air Quality Systems for Your New Haven-Area Home

Posted: March 18, 2019

Spring arrives this week here in Maryland – and for some of us, that can mean the onset of allergy season and the suffering that comes with it.

Plumbing tools

Spring’s Coming – Time to Check the Plumbing

Posted: March 11, 2019

The calendar says that it will be spring soon (we will see if the weather agrees), and with spring comes a pile of to-do lists.

Circuit breaker

Why Is My Furnace Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Posted: March 4, 2019

If you’ve owned your furnace long enough, chances are you have experienced it tripping your circuit breaker.

Frozen pipe

Preventing and Coping with Frozen Pipes

Posted: February 18, 2019

Frozen water pipes can be a problem at best and a disaster at worst for your Maryland home:

Pros and cons

Forced Air vs. Radiant Heat: Pros and Cons

Posted: February 11, 2019

The way you heat your home has a big impact on how much you pay to stay warm – and how warm you feel in your space.

Pink hearts and flowers

Four Reasons to Love Carroll Home Services

Posted: February 4, 2019

It’s February, and love is in the air here in Maryland…especially when it comes to our customers. The truth is, we love what we do, and the people we do it for (aww) – and based on our customer reviews, that feeling is mutual.

Smoke detector

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Posted: January 28, 2019

Most of us know that Carbon Monoxide (CO) is dangerous. But do you know how to avoid a dangerous buildup of it in your home – or what to do if you experience CO poisoning?

Eight ways to improve winter air quality in your Maryland home

Posted: January 21, 2019

Dust. Mold. Dead skin. Pet dander. Toxic cleaners. Formaldehyde-filled furniture and construction supplies. An increasingly airtight American home is full of pollutants like these – contaminants that strain indoor air quality, particularly during the overly dry, window-closing winter months. While indoor pollution may be especially harmful for the youngest and oldest of us – along with […]

What to Do If a Water Pipe Bursts

Posted: January 14, 2019

Our plumbing experts wanted to share advice on what to do if a water pipe actually bursts while you’re home. Extreme cold weather raises the risk of frozen pipes.

2018 to 2019

2019 Resolutions: Keys to Better Health, Lower Bills, and a Smarter Home

Posted: January 7, 2019

Believe it or not, 2019 has arrived – and that means it’s time once again to make your New Year’s Resolutions.

What are the ideal settings for my thermostat?

Posted: December 28, 2018

Managing the temperature of your Maryland home with a programmable thermostat is of the easiest ways we know to cut your energy costs; if you use it correctly, a programmable thermostat could save you as much as ten percent on your monthly heating bill. But what are the ideal settings for your programmable thermostat? Let’s […]

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