Kill allergens at their source with germicidal UV lights from CHS

Moisture and dust inside your home provides a perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria and viruses – contaminants that can cause reactions ranging from headaches and fatigue to itchy eyes, allergies and asthma.

Fortunately, an ultraviolet (UV) germicidal light filter system can kill up to 87 percent of all airborne bacteria and up to 99.9 percent of all airborne mold spores. These filters are so effective against fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses that hospitals, laboratories and commercial kitchens use similar units for indoor air protection.

UV light filters connect to your duct system, safely sanitizing the air and then recirculating it through the house. By irradiating the air – safely and without harm to you – it destroys living airborne viruses, mold spores, bacteria and more.

UV lights need very little power to run and provide affordable, effective control of air quality in your home. If you need service for your current UV unit, we can do that, too.

Keep mold and mildew at bay with a UV light filter system from CHS. Contact us to learn more!

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