Spring 2018 Newsletter

Eric Schmider

The Hottest Year on Record — Again?

Dear Friends,

This past winter’s extreme cold, not to mention bomb cyclones and nor’easters, created major challenges for our service-team members but as always they were up to the task.

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Are You in Control?

Paying for all your fuel in a few short months makes winter stressful. When extreme cold spells cause your payments to spike, it’s even worse. With our SmartComfort monthly payment plan, however, your fuel bills are manageable and predictable all season long.

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By the Numbers

This past January was the coldest in years. On one of those bitter days, we delivered a week’s worth of fuel in a single 24-hour stretch. Here are some more facts about what we faced in January.

  • 25%–30% increase in the number of deliveries

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Carroll Helps You Feel the Difference This Season

Now is the time to start thinking about staying cool, especially since the last two summers were the hottest ones on record. That kind of heat and humidity puts a big strain on older cooling systems. If your equipment isn’t holding out, talk with us about replacing it.

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We Love It When You “Like” Us

Facebook now has more users than the population of the U.S., China and Brazil — combined. That’s more than 2 billion people! We can absolutely see its power in expanding our lines of communication, especially during the extreme cold wave in early winter.

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