A/C Tune-Up vs. Inspection: What’s the Difference?

There’s big difference between an air conditioning tune-up—the comprehensive annual maintenance Carroll Home Services recommends to keep your system running at peak efficiency—and cheap inspections advertised by some other companies.

A “check-and-start” inspection is a basic visual assessment that may spot—but not fix or prevent—future issues that could compromise your system’s performance. It will not lower energy costs, extend system life or reduce breakdowns.

In contrast, a Carroll Home Services tune-up is a thorough safety and operational inspection, But it also includes a comprehensive preventive maintenance service that will lower your energy costs, extend the life of your system and reduce breakdowns.

An A/C tune-up is included in our Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Service Plan, along with money-saving repair coverage. With spring almost here, this is a good time to look into your service plan options.

You can also beat the spring tune-up rush by scheduling a cooling tune-up appointment with us now. Contact us today before the weather really starts to warms up.

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