5 Tips to Prepare for the Coming Fall

With Labor Day in our rearview mirror and leaves already starting to crunch under our feet, it’s a good time to start preparing for cooler weather.

Here are 5 tips to help you get your home comfort systems in shape for the autumn to come.

  1. Freshen filters – Now’s a good time to change out your furnaceair conditioner and humidifier filters. Ideally, these should be changed out monthly, but with cooler air on the way (and more closed doors as a result), indoor air quality becomes more important than ever.
  2. Service your furnace or boiler – Like all machines, furnaces and boilers require regular maintenance to run efficiently. Besides saving you money on your monthly energy bill, it will also help you avoid expensive heating repairs by spotting small issues before they become big problems. Sign up for a Carroll Priority or Ultra Service Plan and our technicians will clean and inspect all parts on your furnace or boiler to make sure it’s in good working order.
  3. Check fuel levels – If your heating system runs on heating oil or propane gas, make sure your tank is full as the temperature drops. Automatic delivery will help you avoid running out of fuel as the season progresses.
  4. Inspect and clean your ducts
    Ducts need regular cleaning and maintenance to efficiently heat your office and provide optimal air quality (Tip: you can reduce the need to clean your ducts if you use a whole house indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment such as Air CleanersUV lights, and Dehumidifiers. To learn more, contact us).
  5. Seal Leaks
    You can prevent drafts – which is a good thing considering the fact that air leakage can raise your bill by almost 30 percent! Over time, seals, caulking, and weather stripping dries and cracks, allowing cold air in and warm air out. Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed for maximum energy efficiency.

Cool weather’s coming – be prepared! Sign up today for a Carroll Home Services Heating Oil or Propane/Natural Gas Service Plan to get started!

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