5 Things to Know about Heating Oil Tanks

Today’s heating oil tanks are a far cry from the metal behemoths in your grandmother’s basement. If you’re on the fence about replacing your older heating oil tank, or just want to make a more informed decision about the next one you purchase, here are five things you should know before you take the plunge.

  1. There are two basic types – Residential tanks are made for either aboveground or underground use. Typically aboveground tanks hold about 250 gallons of heating oil; significantly larger underground tanks can hold 1000 gallons or more.
  2. They’re extremely well made – Today’s polyurethane and fiberglass underground tanks are far more corrosion resistant and have a longer lifespan than old, heavy metal models. So do today’s double-walled plastic and steel aboveground tanks. High-tech design makes the risk of leaks extremely low – on average only about .06 percent of tanks will have a leak problem.
  3. They offer flexible storage solutions – Today’s tanks are available in many sizes, styles, and configurations. They can be made to fit in tight spaces, or even hidden in a decorative outdoor tank enclosure.
  4. They’ll give you control for the long winter ahead – With an oil storage tank you’ll always have fuel on-site, and you’ll pay only for the fuel you’re delivered, with no estimates and no questions (which is especially convenient if you take advantage of automatic delivery).
  5. They will probably require testing if you want to sell your property – It’s common to have a tank test conducted on an underground tank during the transaction of an oil-heated home so it’s important to know what’s involved. Three things to keep in mind if you have to test your tank:
    • Make sure that a certified tank testing company conducts the test – If you need a referral, contact your local oil heat expert.
    • Know what kind of tests will be conducted – Several types of tests are possible, including a test on the tank itself and a soil test. Knowing which one has been requested can help you prepare.
    • Remember that tank tests cannot test the life expectancy of a tank – Tests can only provide information about the integrity of the tank itself; they cannot predict how long the tank will last.

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