10 Signs Your A/C Needs Service

Summer 2019 is on its way, and here in Maryland we’ve already gotten a taste of the kind of the hot, sticky weather that’s supposed to stick around our area for the duration of the season.

If you had annual air conditioning maintenance sometime between last fall and now, your central air conditionershould be in good shape heading into the dog days.

But if you skipped your A/C tune-up – especially if you have an older home cooling system – you may experience some problems that you can see, hear, or even smell in the coming weeks.

Here are ten signs that it’s time to schedule a visit from an A/C or HVAC professional:

  1. It’s blowing warm air – If the air coming from your vents is warm to the touch, it’s usually a sign that your A/C is either low on refrigerant or experiencing a problem with its compressor.
  2. Airflow is weak – If not enough air flowing from your vents, it is often a sign that either the compressor is failing or that you have a duct leak; either way, it means less comfort and higher bills for you.
  3. Your air conditioner is “cycling” – If your air conditioner runs for short lengths of time before it shuts off (also known as “cycling”), it’s probably working harder than it should to keep you cool.
  4. It’s making strange sounds – Unusual sounds – including grinding, scraping and squealing – usually indicate that there is a worn down or loose part somewhere in your cooling system. Serious air conditioning repairs are on the horizon if you don’t take care of the problem quickly.
  5. It’s making funny smells – An electrical smell often means that wire insulation has burned out somewhere in your A/C system; a musty smell could mean you have moldy ductwork.
  6. It’s making the air in your home more humid – Air conditioners reduce indoor humidity – they don’t add to it. If your home air feels more humid with the A/C on, there’s a problem.
  7. It’s making a mess – Liquid around your A/C unit could indicate a serious problem – a refrigerant leak, for example, or a problem with excess condensation.
  8. It’s causing higher bills – Higher than average bills can result from problems ranging from duct leaks to a broken thermostat – and everything in between.
  9. It needs more frequent service – If you and your technician are on a first name basis and planning gold outings together, its probably high time for an A/C upgrade. You’ll save money on future repairs, reduce your energy bill, and not have to worry about anything beyond routine maintenance for years to come.
  10. It’s…well, old – Today’s air conditioners are built to last 12 to 15 years…but that doesn’t mean you should keep yours for that long. Towards the end of its lifecycle, your air conditioner will start to lose its efficiency mojo – especially if it has not been properly maintained. By investing in a new, high efficiency HVAC system, you’ll save enough in just a few seasons to offset the cost of your equipment; in the meantime, you’ll get a home cooling system that performs better, runs more reliably, and is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Are you seeing any of these signs with your home air conditioner? Contact us today to schedule A/C service. And don’t worry: If your A/C breaks down in the midst of a long, hot summer day, we’ll be there same day with emergency service.

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